Resilient Stories

--- Dr. Tommy Watson ---

Everyone loves hearing stories of people who have beat the odds and overcome obstacles! Join Dr. Tommy Watson (aka Dr. Inspiration), who grew up with parents that were arrested 121 times, each week as he interviews amazing guest, who have overcome challenges and are now living their best lives (purpose). If you want to know how to rise above challenges and you enjoy being inspired and motivated, Resilient Stories podcast is for you. Dr. Tommy Watson grew up living in foster homes, motel rooms and homeless. Despite those obstacles, he went on to become an All-American football player, obtain 4 college degrees (including a doctorate degree), is an award-winning author and movie producer, renown speaker, executive business coach and a successful entrepreneur.
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    Rather than being permanently suppressed by the detrimental effects of domestic violence, Tatiana C. Parker persevered, completed her education and blossomed into a successful business woman, wife and mother. She is a role model for others, especially young girls, who ...